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July Staff Meeting

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Topics of discussion from our meeting:

Condition of Books

  • When updating include a "Fragile Condition" note when appropriate - which is up to our discretion.

  • We can make an item In Library Use Only at our discretion.

  • If our item is in bad condition, we can check in OCLC to see if another library has the item and then refer the request to them.

  • Put a "Please return in this bag" label on our bags


  • Fiche-to-fiche copier - Adam has contacted Terry about what to do

  • Printer on Anne's desk - Adam has contacted Warren who said he would take care of it by next week

  • Summer Student Schedule - Seems to be working with only three students

  • New Copiers - Dave said we should see them by the week after next

  • Shared Log in Accounts - No word on this

Student Training Materials/Evaluation

Green Book

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