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New Book Trucks!

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Bio-med must have really nice book trucks if they're willing to give up two that don't even squeak! How come we have so many that squeak? Anyway, I claimed the two non-squeaking-Bio-Med cast offs and they have happily joined our compliment of mostly-squeaky book trucks. We sent the little red book truck with the divided top to its eternal reward (which I think is located in the caverns of Andersen) and now we get to decide which other book truck is deserving of retirement. So far the thought is that either the little yellow or the little black one should join its banished friend. Any thoughts? What's up with the wooden cart that no one ever uses? Can we get rid of it?

Also, it turns out that people like our bright pink signs! At least the night crew does. Sally and I will work at making updated pink signs with the new Minitex logo on them so that our new carts feel welcomed and included.


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Molasses was being obnoxiously screechy yesterday and today. Adam is going to call the repair guy and see if something can be done to tone Molasses down. Here's hoping!

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