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Tammi indicates the Wilson student chair should be coming by the end of the week(by 5/14?). It wil come to Andersen and we can just roll it over or have the Delivery Unit delivery bring it over.

Warren tried out a document feed scanner and it was not compatible with latest version of Ariel, he will try another brand soon. Dave said if all else fails they will just purchase an older model(not used) like the one's Breanne has in her area.

Tuesday 5/18 Adam will accompany Dave to go to look a new copiers for Campus Locs.

Ordering Bookmarks

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In my discussion with Dave about bookmarks, these are the things I learned:

  • Dave asked Delivery to drop off a couple of boxes of bookmarks to Wilson this morning (I don't see any evidence that this has happened, yet).
  • Going forward, we can just order boxes of any bookmarks, etc. that we need.
  • To order bookmarks, we just fill out one of the green order sheets and attach a copy of the bookmark that we need.
  • In the past there have been issues with the wrong bookmarks getting ordered or bookmarks getting delivered to the wrong place. So, when you do order them, it never hurts to check with Dave to make sure SSSA has the right template for the bookmark. Also, make sure to clearly indicate that it should be delivered to Wilson Library.

Happy Bookmark Ordering!

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