Increasing Sexuality in Music Videos

After viewing the following videos: Leslie Gore: It's My Party, Fiona Apple: Criminal, and Lil' Kim : How Many Licks, it seems that sexuality has become more prevalent in music as time goes on. In Leslie Gore's music video, she is conservatively dressed, with a shirt that covers her entire chest. Similarly dressed women dance in the background. In the 1960's, this song was considered to push limits with its lyrics and women dancing in the back of the stage.
In the 1990's Fiona Apple broke into a new realm of sexuality with her single, "Criminal." Her lyrics were very suggestive and somewhat explicit. She didn't hold back when it came to expressing her happiness and sexuality, which earned a lot of criticism. While she was dressed conservatively in her video, the scenes are suggestive.
In the late 2000's, Lil Kim came out with her single, "How Many Licks." The lyrics were extremely explicit, describing sexual relations with many partners. She describes sexual acts vividly. Her video is also very explicit. She is dressed in almost nothing with her female assets highly emphasized. She portrayed women as naked, sexual dolls.
These three videos are consistent with the trend of increasing sexuality in music throughout time. As time goes on, artists become more explicit and uncensored and their wardrobes become more revealing. It will be interesting to see what videos are like ten years from now at this rate.

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