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Pink has long been known for her punk-rock attitude and in your face lyrics. Her short, pink hairdo has become a staple in her career. Her uncensored thoughts on love and loss have created controversy and parental advisories. Pink's new single, "Glitter in the Air," has a style all its own. It is completely opposite of her past music style, mood, and lyrics and showcases her vocal ability.
The beginning sets the tone of the song. It makes the listener reflect on the questions being asked regarding being in love before the transition to the middle of the song. At about the one minute 20 second mark in the song, Pink starts addressing the feelings of loneliness and desire for companionship. The middle gets a little repetitive with the questions and piano, but still offers insight into the message of the song, the message being a reflection into being selflessly and truly in love. The end of the song is a tranquil unwinding of the louder vocals and faster beat that can be heard in the middle. All three of these sections have extremely smooth transitions. They flow seamlessly together and are appropriately placed in the song. They are so smooth, in fact, that the transitions are not obvious to someone not listening to them.
The beginning, middle, and end are all very similar, which tends to get boring as the song goes on. There is little differentiation throughout the ballad, which offers room for improvement. Variation would give the song more personality and catchiness. There is plenty of differentiation between "Glitter in the Air" and Pink's previous songs, which were all about heartbreak and love going wrong. It is nice to hear a different message in her music. This different message got me interested in her music again, which I was bored with. I would buy this song for it's beautiful instrumentals, vocals, and heart-warming message. I believe this song will stimulate sales of both the single and Pink's entire album, Funhouse. The song has already swept through popular culture and is heavily played on radio stations. It has seen positive response, both in the U.S. and internationally. Three Grammy nominations and a number one spot on the charts are a sign of the good fit within popular culture. In concert, the song would enthrall those in attendance, and the performance of it would be a sombering point in the concert.

Student Assignments:

1. Choose a song that is very different than the artist's previous work. Analyze the differences in style and composition between this song and the artist's typical songs.

2. Research past events in the singer's life that could have influenced his or her music and analyze the artist's songs for similarities to these life events.

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