08. Non-monetary costs to suicide:Personal and social

Suicide has a ripple effect and many people may be affected by a suicide - the deceased parent/s, siblings/s, school friend/s, and neighbor/s.Mental health services are provided not only to the youth that attempted suicide but also to their family and friends that may have been impacted by a suicide or suicide attempt .(9)(10)

The personal experiences of people who had attempted suicide, who cared for someone who had attempted suicide or who had been bereaved by suicide cannot be quantified monetarily. Not uncommonly, these people blame themselves for the decision of the suicidal individual to take his/her life.The combination of grief and guilt can lead to prolonged bereavement which may persist for many years.

If there is a lack of community awareness, the bereaved may face community misconceptions that the suicide resulted from a failure on their part. They may subsequently have difficulty keeping up at work and lose their jobs, they may move away from their usual locale due to stigma or shame, seek counseling, require medications such as antidepressants, become drug or alcohol dependent, develop strained relationships with partners, family and friends and even contemplate suicide. (1)(6)

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