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October 30, 2007

Haloween and classes

The big day is only one day away, and it is increasingly hard to focus on class with the question of a lifetime looming up: "What should I be for Haloween?" All classwork is put aside in an attempt to answer this important and urgent question. Should I be a monster, a ghost, a politician, a pirate or perhaps even a priest?....or should I go for the big-time and dress up as one of my professors? This question takes hours of work to answer, and then hours more to figure out how to make the costume from whatever is lying around the dorm. It even consumes the minds of those of us currently sitting in Calculus listening to my professor talk about finding derivatives for three dimensional contour maps, but instead of taking notes, I am figuring out what the coolest Haloween-party-winning costume could be.

October 29, 2007

Introduction Game

It seems as if we have started the introduction game. Well, I'll start off by saying my name is Bridget McNally and I am a freshman at Morris! I am 19 years old and from a town called Lindstrom, MN (about 3 hours East of Morris). I went to Chisago Lakes HS and participated in many school activities, including Basketball, NHS, band, TA, Ultimate Frisbee! and many others. I am the youngest of 3 children, one of which (my brother) graduated from Morris just last year! As far as my major goes, I am undecided at the moment. I am interested in A LOT of subjects, so it's hard to choose! But I am thinking about being a physical therapist/sports medicine or becoming a teacher! I love to work with people!

Now, many of my relatives are from Morris, so I've been here quite a few times before I even began looking at this college. What got me interested was going to my brother's Basketball games when he played for the Cougars. I began to look around the school more and he'd show me around campus. It's a small school (which is what I was looking for), and it wasn't expensive! I also looked into doing sports here, mainly intramurals. I am officially on the Co-Ed Basketball intramural team for the winter session of intramurals, and I am super excited for that to start!!

Well! That's all for now! I'm off to my Spanish class!! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them!! Later gang!

October 24, 2007

Who Am I?

Since this is one of my first posts I should give a little background information about myself. I am a senior Political Science major. I graduated from Wabasha-Kellogg High School in 2004 and have loved UMM since the moment I stepped on campus during my first visit almost 6 years ago. I am involved in the Campus Ambassador Program and Morris Campus Student Association as well as participating in campus governance for the past 2 years. After I graduate this spring from UMM, I will be attending law school. I hope I could provide you with so information to get to know me better. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I can get back to you right away.

leann in a plant.jpg

October 21, 2007

Fall Break!

Yes, the time has come for Morris' very first extended weekend, aka Fall Break! Students were psyched out of their minds for this weekend to go home, many for the first time since school started. Countdowns began at the beginning of the week on everyone's white boards outside their doors, and the excitement of waiting students was present ALL over campus. You would notice yourself and other classmates staring at the clock of your classes, waiting in anticipation for the trip home. I mean, have you ever noticed when you watch the time, it feels like minutes turn in to hours?!? Luckily for me, my last class (Spanish) involved my classmates and I watching a movie we had started a few days earlier. Thus being the case, i was able to relax and not focus so much on the clock.

As excited as the students were to go home, many were also sad to leave their friends here at Morris! I know I miss my roommate and all my friends already! But it is good to be home! Mom and Dad's homecooking, visiting with family and friends, and one can't forget the homework that they need to do before classes start on Wednesday! :) Speaking of which, I should probably get started on that so I can have the rest of the extended weekend to relax! Thanks for reading!

October 19, 2007

A Taste of Procrastination

Well, good old Mo-town has only a few hours left of classes before fall break. Three classes, two tests, and I'm sitting here procrastinating so I don't have to study. Class actually can be fun, but I am looking forward to getting a few days off to recharge. It also seems to be one of the prospective student days, because as I look out my window towards the Mall, I can see fast-talking, backwards walking tour guides leading groups of students, many of whom are trailing various parental entities behind them....Well, much as I'd love to stay and continue my window watching, it's time for some Microeconomics. Until next time.........

October 14, 2007

UMM Marketing Photoshoot Exposed Again!

Our spy photographers once again located UMM's Prius in the badlands. Looks like we may see a very new look to UMM in the future. There are also rumors that the Prius may also be serving as a research platform for UMM geology students on an undergraduate research project.


October 11, 2007

UMM Photoshoot Exposed

Last month in western North Dakota spy photographers discovered a top secret photo shoot being conducted by University of Minnesota, Morris as part of their soon to be unveiled marketing campaign. By contrasting environmental friendliness with an unfriendly environment, UMM seeks to boldly go where no college has gone before ...


October 3, 2007

Environmental Studies

Below is a picture of the wind turbine on the hill behind the Pomme de Terre. It is a great example of our committment to the environment.


I love UMM!!