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Fall Break!

Yes, the time has come for Morris' very first extended weekend, aka Fall Break! Students were psyched out of their minds for this weekend to go home, many for the first time since school started. Countdowns began at the beginning of the week on everyone's white boards outside their doors, and the excitement of waiting students was present ALL over campus. You would notice yourself and other classmates staring at the clock of your classes, waiting in anticipation for the trip home. I mean, have you ever noticed when you watch the time, it feels like minutes turn in to hours?!? Luckily for me, my last class (Spanish) involved my classmates and I watching a movie we had started a few days earlier. Thus being the case, i was able to relax and not focus so much on the clock.

As excited as the students were to go home, many were also sad to leave their friends here at Morris! I know I miss my roommate and all my friends already! But it is good to be home! Mom and Dad's homecooking, visiting with family and friends, and one can't forget the homework that they need to do before classes start on Wednesday! :) Speaking of which, I should probably get started on that so I can have the rest of the extended weekend to relax! Thanks for reading!