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The Secondary Ed students are all abuzz with their student teaching placements for next spring. It is really exciting to hear that my friends will be basically all around the world! People from my cohort (we call ourselves the Soc Crew) will be in the Morris area, Irondale High School, Rosemount, and also Australia to name a few locations. I am pretty jealous of my colleague who will be at Irondale…That is my dream school to work at. But I don't regret one bit my decision to complete my student teaching abroad. So this time of year although really really busy is still exciting.

I know I will be at King’s College Madrid, a school in the northern part of the city, but I have yet to find out which class(es) I’ll be teaching. The only course I feel completely unprepared to teach is Economics, but I think I could wing it day after day if I had to. :-) And I am not so nervous about the teaching itself since I feel quite confident in my abilities, it is more of the nit-picky stuff such as Where am I going to live?! How am I going to afford to buy things with the Euro!? And how am I going to be away from my boyfriend for that long! I am hopeful that everything will work out in the end.