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Mid-Semester Madness

UMM is considered one of the best schools in the Midwest. As such, our students are challenged in a number of ways. The most prominent of these challenges begins academically. We are proud of being a rigorous institution in terms of academics. The majority of our professors hold terminal degrees in their area of expertise. I am pretty sure that by now you have heard all of this. The purpose of this entry is not to tell you about all the institutional information that you can access on our website. But instead I want to share with you what I call “mid-semester� madness.

Mid-semester madness is a phenomenon experienced by UMM students during & after midterm exams. Midterms, as their name suggests, mark the halfway point of a semester. Most classes have some form of them, and as such our students generally have to study for them during the same time. You will see our library and 24 hour study lounge full of students, snacks, and lots of caffeine. Sleep and 4X6 note cards are the two things that seem impossible to get at this time.

However, midterms also mean that the end of the semester is approaching. Because of this it seems your assignments are all due at the same time, and that the time you had in your hands is slipping away. Certainly all you can do is keep working hard and try not to procrastinate as much. Beware of Mid-Semester madness!