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Moving is a pain

As I child I never moved to another city or house even, so moving away to college and back home again has been a tough experience! My freshman year I drove up with my mom, sister, and boyfriend at the time. I over packed, and my freshman dorm room was bursting at the seams. I did have some pretty cool stuff though, even if I had no place to put it. That spring my sister came to help me move out, and I think I got it done in just one trip back to the cities. Sophomore year I drove up alone in my Chevy S10 and moved to the on-campus apartments. This time I brought less “dormy�? stuff and more apartment stuff, but it was still a lot of stuff. That spring I found an apartment off-campus and used it as storage over the summer. I bought some Ikea furniture, got a table from a garage sale, and a couch from Slumberland. I had finally moved into my own place! It is a studio apartment, which has proven nice in the long run because there just isn’t that much space for stuff.

However, as winter break approaches I find myself once again packing away old textbooks, notebooks, office supplies (I could create a paperclip chain across Minnesota if I tried) clothes, and other crap into Rubbermaid tubs of all colors. Originally I was planning on moving next month, but renting a U-Haul in December seems like a gamble so I’ve pushed the date back until graduation and I’ll be keeping my apartment until then. I never realize how much stuff I have until I have to pack it away and transport it 150 miles across the state! Thankfully though I now have 6 months to filter my stuff out of my place and back to the cities. It should be interesting to make the big final move.



So are you in Madrid now or coming home from Madrid?

I have been in Madrid since January 4th, and will return to the U.S. (And Morris!) on March 20th.