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New semester, new classes

I registered for my Spring Semester just this week and all I can say is my work load will be huge! But i did end up getting all the classes I wanted and they should be interesting and fun!! I'm going to be taking Stats, Sociological Aspects of Sports (I am super excited about this class!), Environmental Geology, Intro to History since 1500, and Drugs and Human Behavior. My classes range from all over the subject spectrum. I'm an undecided major so I'm just getting my gen eds done first. I never realized all the different classes they offer here! I saw they offered Oceanology! WHAT?! Morris? Oceanology!? That's way cool!! :) Registering for your classes here is really easy and if you have a major, Morris makes it really easy for you to find all the classes that you should be taking for that major.

Between my intramurals, classes, and coaching Morris 7th grade basketball this semester, I'm just really excited for a nice little break I like to call Thanksgiving! Oh how I am looking forward to the yummy homemade food by my mother and hanging with the family! I have been counting down the days for about two weeks now! I can't wait!

I must be leaving now to coach my 7th graders!! Until next time!....