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New to the blog!

Hi there, I’m Kate Oliver, a senior here at UMM. Since most people have posted their introductions I thought it would be a fitting first post for me. I am from Minneapolis and have attended Morris since 2004. In high school I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and so I focused my studies in social studies education and have taken many history courses throughout my career at UMM. I have also been involved in different activities, from Intramural Flag Football and Volleyball, Big Friend Little Friend, Adopt a Grandparent, Habitat for Humanity, United Latinos and even Morris Campus Student Association.

I wish I had time to keep up with all these activities but as my college career progressed my involvement went deeper instead of wider. I took a position on the executive board of United Latinos and also began working at the Office of Admissions. I used to be a telecounselor (student worker who made phone calls to prospective students) and then moved to an office assistant position where I process applications, work on mailings, and other office tasks. I really like working in Admissions because I get to see an aspect of a college that is really interesting and always changing. If I can’t find a teaching job right away I might consider working as an Admissions Counselor…but I do hope to teach after I graduate!

I have taken many interesting courses here at UMM, and some of my favorites include Spanish, Physical Geology, Principles of Art and of course the history courses. But the coolest course I took was during a study abroad trip to Venezuela. I was in Mérida, a university town in the Andes. The program is through the Twin Cities campus so I did not have to worry much about credits transferring which was nice. The two courses I took were Spanish Conversation and Composition, and History of Venezuela, the latter being my favorite. Both of these courses were taught completely in Spanish…my professors did not know much English at all which was great because I learned a lot in the 6 weeks I studied there. Being out of the country and enjoying it so much influenced my decision to student teach abroad.

The Global Student Teaching program office is right here on campus so it was super easy for me to turn in my application and have questions answered in person. I decided on two places-Spain or Ecuador. I figured since I have already seen part of South America I should try to see more parts of the world, which is why Spain ranked first. About a month ago I was notified that I have been placed at a school in Madrid. I am REALLY excited to student teach and I am ready for the challenge of an international school system. My blogging will become international as of January 4th when I leave for Madrid, but I promise to make more posts before then!



Hi Kate

I can highly recommend Spain. I went to Spain 5 years ago to study Spanish for a year at Salamanca University and I am still today living and working in Spain.

I recently came back from my Spain trip and had an awesome time in Spain. I studied at Alicante University and it was great because there were not many other English speaking students so I had to practice my Spanish all the time.

Hi I can also highly recommend going to Spain to study Spanish.

I went to Salamanca last year and studied at Salamanca University (www.salamanca-university.org) for 6 months.

If you want to practise a bit Spanish before you go I can recommend this site with free online spanish lessons.