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Oh Christmas

So the end of the term is coming near and more papers are being assigned, more projects are due, and the excitement of Christmas can make it even harder to focus! My roommate and I just decorated our room last night for christmas! We have a little tree and we hung garland all over our door and up along our walls! The more I think about Christmas, the more excited I get. I mean, we get a month off from school where no homework will be due, you'll be able to eat homecooked meals everyday, and there'll be hills to go sledding! :) Oh, but I love Morris though. The first accumalative snow fell last night, and my floor went and played in the snow and tried to make snowangels. It didn't work all that great, but it was a lot of fun!! Well, I should be off and working on my papers! (I feel it will be pretty hard while listening to Christmas carols... :) )