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Summer Time Wishes

Today we had the first zero temperature day of the winter season and you could tell people, myself included weren't ready for it. Instead of the cold I reminisce to this past summer and the warm days working in admissions with my friends. We worked full time doing random projects around the office and had lots of fun doing it. One particular day we hosted a work potluck over lunch for the staff of admissions and financial aid. We, the student workers, made a brunch feast that was completely delicious and a huge hit with the rest of the office. Another time we were sent out to take pictures to hang in the entry-way of Behmler Hall. That time we went to East Side park and played on the playground equipment while we took action shots. Later in the summer we took different pictures in the greenhouse and conservatory by the science building. The picture below is a selection from inside the greenhouse with all the student workers from admissions and financial aid. If you ever get a chance to check out the conservatory or greenhouse be sure to do so because not only are they beautiful, they are warm and fun. Another really cool aspect of the conservatory is the wild life. There are finches that fly around the trees and huge goldfish in the pond. Who wouldn't want to hang out in the middle of winter with a bird and a fish? Well I must forge onward out into the cold winter air of Morris. Have a great day!

admissions financial aid group pic.jpg

(In the photo: Below sign- Megan, Nastassia; Left of sign- Kellcee, Amanda; Right of sign- Shane, LeAnn)