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Bonjour tout le monde!

I am really excited to be included in this blog. Thanks, Ben, for inviting me!

Let me introduce myself. My official title is Associate Professor of French. The word "Associate" means that I am tenured and am working my way towards the ultimate goal of becoming a Full Professor. (To get tenure, professors must hold a terminal degree, which means a Ph.D. for most of us; we must publish quite a few articles or books to establish our reputation in scholarship; we must show a record of excellence in teaching; and we must engage in service to our disciplines by participating in national committees, helping to organize conferences, etc. To become a Full Professor, we need to engage in the same kinds of activities, but develop a much more detailed record.) I have traveled all over the world, especially in Europe and in Africa. This summer I went to South America for the first time, to the French Guyana, a French département! It was really wonderful, and I even got to spend a week in the rain forest! What else can I say about myself? My research focuses on feminism in African literature and film, and also on immigration in France. I am married and have two daughters, plus an exchange student son from Germany this year. We also have two cats and some fish. Feel free to check out my web site.

Eiffel tower group.jpg

This coming summer, I'm the professor leading the "July in Paris" study abroad program with the help of my T.A., Caitlin Siefkes (a senior double majoring in French and Anthropology). She and I just returned from visiting our sister campuses in Minneapolis and Duluth to do some recruiting. It was fun to renew or make connections at those campuses! The early deadline for this year's May and Summer study abroad programs is December 14th, so a lot of our students are in the process of reading brochures and deciding where they'd like to travel this year. Do they want to go to Paris? Brazil? China? Scotland? England? Czechoslovakia? Italy, Austria and Bavaria? These are a few of the options through UMM. Of course, being part of the U of MN system, our students are also looking at programs offered through the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, because their programs are open to all U of MN students. Pretty cool! The July in Paris program is a lot of fun, and we always have a mix of students from Morris, Minneapolis, and Duluth. It is great to make connections with students on those other campuses.

Think croissants and cheese!

Sarah Buchanan



Brazil? wow..that's awesome!
and argentine too!!

I'm a spanish and portuguese tutor here in Minnesota.
But.. I really love french language..so, I will be a new student of minnesota university . French B.A /2008.
july pais,next 2008(Bof!juillet paris je serai lĂ !).