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The end of the semester is coming nearer and students all around campus are scurrying to get projects finished, papers written, and study for finals. These all seem quite overwhelming, yes, but when you have some sort of release, it all seems to be not so much.

The release I'm talking about is snow. Yes, the ever so classic, white, fluffy, cold snow. Morris had it's first measurable amount this weekend and it was quite the blizzard! Of course you'll have those handful of students who would rather stay inside and order Pizza Hut to the dorm rooms, but then you'll have the students (like myself) who ran outside at the first sign of a snowflake. Students all around campus were seen having snowball fights on the mall, making snowangels all over, and the ever so classic, writing your names in the snow. My friends and I were the first to step foot in the "lake" on Saturday to write our names. Fresh, white, powdery snow layed before as we started to shuffle our feet in the design of our names. As seen in this pic, Abe is on top, Bridget (me) is in the middle, and Nate is on the bottom.

We had such a blast this weekend! The University and Concert Choir's had their Carol Concert all weekend (yes, even during the blizzard!) They did such an amazing job! There were even refreshments afterwards! It just put me into the Christmas Spirit even moreso!

Well, I must be going to my last intramural basketball game! Wish me luck!
Until next time!