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The Homestretch!

With one week left of fall semester, I am stuck thinking about my entire career here at UMM. Freshman year I would not have guessed that my experience would have played out the way it did over the years. Of course I have had many ups and downs, but all of the ups cancel out the bad things (like my failed art history exam first semester freshman year!). I have done many cool things these past few years including Habitat for Humanity in Georgia, TREC tutor program at the elementary school, Leadership Conference and college fair in Chicago, and also my study abroad experience in Venezuela. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, and I could go on for pages with the other activities, whether organized or spontaneous, that I participated in. With one semester left (and half of that being spent in Madrid) I still have 1/8th of my college life to experience, and that is more than enough time to close out my UMM career in a big and positive way.

Because winter is upon us, I thought I would upload a picture from Margarita Island Venezuela that reminds me of warmer, sunnier times...