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What Is There To Do In Morris?

Many times when talking with prospective students, they often ask me in a skeptical voice, "What is there to do in Morris?"

The short answer is -- MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!

When students visit campus I always have them go to student center and stand in front of the student activities whiteboard to pick what events they would attend if they were a current student. On this whiteboard they list all of the events for the week. In order to provide this experience virtually, I am now sitting in front of the whiteboard with my computer much to the curiosity of the students walking by. Some highlights of the coming weeks are a winter theater production, the holiday art sale, a jazz dance, open mic night, an improv show, a basketball game, ... Ok, enough, Here is a picture instead. Feel free to click on the picture to make it even bigger. You can also explore the digital events calendar.

Campus Events 007ps.jpg

Due to the recent snow, I should also add that only 45 minutes away is Andes Tower Hills where I took my first snowboarding lesson last Sunday. So far my defining trick is the face plant followed by an awkward cartwheel. Hopefully I'll be X-Games ready by the end of the spring!

LunchBox 002.jpg



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