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Winter Break

I am so excited for Winter Break to come! This countdown has been going for sometime now (along with my Christmas countdown!!). I have a 10 page paper to write for College Writing and one final for my Solar Systems class. Pretty descent schedule if you ask me! All around campus, that's what everyone is thinking about! People lock themselves in their rooms and hibernate in the library, trying to get those last hours of studying in. I myself have made at least 3 trips to the library in attempt to study and write my paper.

What we, as freshmen, realized is this Winter Break will be the start of amazing winter breaks to come!! Why? Because we won't have any homework to do over break like we did in High School! Am I right? Think about it. You usually always had some sort of homework over the classic Christmas break during High School. This college winter Break means NO HOMEWORK! NEW SEMESTER! I'm so excited for homecooked meals again and playing in the snow with my friends!! 3 more days! Just 3 more days!!!