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¨2 hours till we get to sleep!¨

Hey there! I made it to Spain and have managed to survive two nights. The quote from the title is from last night, at 6pm. Being jetlagged is a science I think, because a person has to really change to the country´s time even if they don´t want to. While I could have fallen asleep at about 6pm here, I had to wait till at least 8pm, hence the excitement in only having to wait two more hours to sleep. My roommate Amanda is really fun, and these first few days we have spent time walking the streets, seeing some sites, and enjoying Madrid.

The food here is great, although we ordered the menu del dia yesterday and had paella first which was good, but the second course turned out to be a lot of ham, with olive oil and paprika. I speak spanish, but the accent here is quite different than what I am used to, so hearing jamon sounded like a good bet for food but then when its drenched in olive oil it is not the best. Eitherway, Amanda and I have really been having dining ¨experiences¨, which today included getting a foam heart in my café con leche...Those sneaky spaniards!

Tomorrow I officially start my student teaching experience...Wish me luck!



I'm glad to see that you made it to Madrid safely. Good luck teaching!

Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I have it on my bookmark toolbar. I will help Robin and your mom do the same! Good luck on your first day!

Hi, I´m studying in Malaga, I think that this blog may help you a lot, www.spanishinspain.blogspot.com

And be open with the food, otherwise you are gonna miss great and exciting stuff.

Good luck