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Day trip to Segovia

I took a day trip this past weekend to Segovia, not too far out of Madrid. On a non-stop train it would have taken about 45 minutes, but ended up being two hours! It was worth it though. Segovia has an amazing Roman aqueduct, a cool cathedral and also a fairy tale castle. I enjoyed everything in Segovia, except the meal. I ordered cochino frito, fried pork. It sounded safe enough, and when I asked which was better of two dishes, this was suggested. Turns out, it is fried pork, but there was a foot on the plate as well! I stepped up to the plate, and ate a toe. I couldn’t eat the whole thing. I like to think I would have made Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods and recent visitor to the prarie, proud.


Notice the foot near the middle of the plate...Quite interesting!

Student teaching has picked up and I am in charge of more classes. This makes the time go by quicker, and I can’t believe it is already the fourth week here! I have settled in really well and am having a good time. For those education junkies, I’ll focus my next post on the differences between American schools and British International Schools. Until then!


A Shot of the Alcázar castle in Segovia.


Me and the Aqueduct.