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The New Semester Begins!

Well the first full week of the semester has gone by and I think I changed my class schedule about six times before I settled on my current schedule. As a senior I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule because the only requirement I have is that I need to take at least eleven credits to graduate.

I decided to take a history course on the crusades, a political science course on media in politics as well as a computer science web programming course and a studio art course in printmaking. The cool thing about my studio art course is that it is only for non-majors so I won’t be overwhelmed by people with a lot more talent than myself. I decided to take my web programming course because I wanted to have some training in web design before going out into the job market and I am pretty sure that that kind of training will not be offered by law school I will be in over the next couple of years. I am really excited that this is my last semester at UMM. I will be sad to leave UMM but I am looking ahead to the future and seeing bright things.