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UMM Goes Green...again!

I have been planning to write about the Environmental Studies major that will be new this fall at UMM for quite a while but haven’t accomplished much until now. I am sure many of you will be excited to hear that this cool major is coming to Morris. After thorough discussion and analysis of possible options for UMM’s Environmental Studies major the Campus Assembly gave the go ahead for the major to in start fall 2008.

environmental studies.JPG

The major draws from departments and disciplines from across campus by incorporating science, social science, humanities/fine arts, and education courses. The really special “green�? initiatives here such as the Center for Small Towns, the vibrant local foods movement, the wind turbine and new biomass facility provide students with the opportunity to gain hands on cutting edge “green�? technologies and program experiences. The newly created Sustainability Coordinator position also allows students to work with an expert in the field.

This program will definitely have Environmental Studies students as well as their future employers feeling satisfied with their well-rounded Liberal Arts education that focuses in Environmental Studies. I know if I were here for another four years I would consider a double major in environmental studies and Political Science because I know I could put both to use in my future career as a lawyer.

Hooray for UMM and future Environmental Studies graduates!