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Busy Weekend!

Hello all! Wow! What a busy weekend here at UMM! Between the Jazz Concert, Play-in-a-Day, French Films, New movies at the Morris Theatre, and a Preacher Moss coming to campus it was tough deciding what to do. (And working in study time on top of it) The UMM Jazz Ensemble gave two incredible performances on Friday and Saturday night. Members form many different "combos" that perform pieces of their choice. One combo I especially liked was made up of about 7 musicians who did a ska piece. Super high energy and super entertaining! I also checked out a French film on Friday night (put on by Entre Nous, the French org on campus) and There Will Be Blood (which won a couple of Oscar's Sunday) at the Morris theatre on Saturday night. One particularly cool event this past weekend was a comic performance by Preacher Moss. He is a comedian doing a comic lecture series and was at UMM on Thursday. Absolutely phenomenal! He had the audience on the floor laughing and at the same time he had a really cool message. So that's that! Morris weekends are filled with events. And now to finish studying I have left to do!



I want to enroll right now!