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Hi, I'm Claire!

Hey guys

I am one of the new bloggers here. I think it's best to first tell ya'll a little bit about myself before anything else.
I'm a junior here at UMM and double majoring in French and International Studies, and doing the honors program. I really like the French program at UMM because of the faculty. There are three French professors here, and they are ALL great! (One of the French profs actually blogs too--Sarah Buchanan.) I wasn't sure about what to major in when I came to Morris and actually ended up becoming a French major because I only had to take one class a semester to get it, but I've really enjoyed it. Last summer I participated in the July in Paris program through UMM, and that was really great. (A LOT more work than I thought it would be, but definitely worth it.)

I'm also majoring in International Studies, which is actually a create-your-own major. At first I thought that it would be a lot of extra work, but it was just a form to fill out and have approved, it really wasn't bad. I like this major because you get to pick what classes you want from different disciplines (French, history, art history, economics, ect...) and they count towards your major! I think it's a really great way to double major and still graduate in 4 years! ;)
The honors program here has been great. I really like that the classes are interesting, and interdisciplinary (you'll have 2 profs from different programs). The classes are usually pretty challenging too, which can be frustrating from time to time, but in the end a good thing.

I guess the reason I chose UMM was because of it's buildings. I know, I know, why would someone chose a school based on that? Well, I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, so I didn't really look for specific programs, so one of the most important things for me was what the campus looked like. The first time I toured UMM it was a sleety spring day, and NO students were on campus because it was their spring break, but it was still a really nice campus. I toured again the next fall, and that really helped to seal the deal for me. The brick buildings covered in Ivy; the HUGE green mall in the center of campus; the smiling students--I really liked the school. Of course, I didn't decided until about a week before I had to, but I'm really glad I came here.

There are always about a zillion things to do around Morris, and this weekend is no exception. Friday night I think I'll go to a movie. The Morris Movie Theater is getting some new, great movies in it, and with tickets only $3.50 each (student reduced prices) it's really affordable. Saturday night I'm going to the Jazz concert. If you happen to be in Morris some weekend and there is a Jazz concert, I highly recommend it. They're really really good and it's always cool to see your friends in it. With tickets only $1, it brings my grad total for weekend spending to $4.50 (or $9 if I want to be nice and pay for my boyfriend too...).

"Well, I'll bet you I'm gonna be a big star
Might win an Oscar you can never tell
The movies gonna make me a big star
'Cause I can play the part so well"
~Act Naturally