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The Beauty of the Student Center

Hey all!

This is my first blog! My name is Kathy Julik-Heine and I am a fresman here at UMM. I am originally from Dallas, TX, but moved during grade school and have since lived in Taylors Falls, MN. I graduated from Chisago Lakes High School in Lindstrom, MN. Here at UMM I am majoring in Economics with a Pre-Law focus. I am hoping to work in a double major in Political Science/International Relations. I want to work for the Red Cross when I get out of college and then go onto Law school after a year or so. I have figured out so much since I have been at UMM and everyone here has really helped me learn so much (especially about myself). Since I have spent the better part of my day so far in the student center I thought I would blog a little blog about my love for the place. I got here around 9:30 and grabbed some delicious breakfast before starting on some homework. Here's the thing, I brought my Experimental Economics problem set that I needed to figure out before 2:00pm when class is and my English of which I need to finish a first draft of a paper on by Friday. Now you may be thinking, so what? BUT this is particularly amazing because I WAS stuck with both bits until I spent a few hours in the student center and ran into both a member of my economics class who totally understood the problem set and helped me out AND my english professor who is super friendly and brilliant and was more than happy to give me some advice on my paper. So that's it. I love the student center. There is always something going on and always sweet people hanging around! Blog out.