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March 31, 2008


So last week I heard that I was accepted to a study abroad program in Brussels, Belgium! I'm super excited, but now that I have the list of things to do and their due dates, I'm becoming a little nervous. The cost also caught me off guard a little bit. I know the euro is stronger than the dollar, and it would make sense that a trip to Europe would cost more, I just didn't put two and two together.

I'm really glad that I'll have this opportunity to study abroad next fall, but it's also a little hard. It will be my senior year and I'll miss somethings, like voting in my first presidential election (I know I can vote absentee, but that isn't the same!), missing homecoming my senior year, and mostly just missing those last few times of hanging out with friends. I don't really know what's to come, but world, here I come!

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup,
They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe.
Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind,
Possessing and caressing me.
~Across the Universe

March 29, 2008

Sign Language Concert

One of the coolest events I've ever been to was the sign langugage concert this afternoon. Not only was it cool because I was in it but it was fun to watch. There were about 24 groups and as a part of sign language class these groups prepare a song and preform at the concert. My partner and I chose A Whole New World from the Disney movie Aladdin. We even had our own magic carpet :) I would say it was the best assignment I've had for any class. Across campus at the PE Center another event was going on. The annual Pow Wow put on by CNIA (Circle of Nations Indian Association). I've gone to the Pow Wow since I was a freshman and had to keep the tradition going so I stopped by. I enjoy the atmosphere and the festivities and was thrilled the Pow Wow was here today.

The fun doesn't stop there... I also worked today at the Information Desk for my work study job. Then the second chance dance is tonight. The dance is being put on to raise money and collect gently used formal dresses; they will then be given to Ever After Gowns.

Don't go changin'...

March 27, 2008

Off to Law School

Today I sent in my deposit to William Mitchell Law School. In about 5 months I will be studying in St. Paul and on to a new phase in my life. I was pretty nervous sealing the envelope and putting it in the mailbox. Being myself I waited until practically the last minute to mail it in because it is due Tuesday in their hands. I wish you better time management when applying to schools because it can be a nerve-racking feeling to wait until the very last possible day so let a school know you are coming. My advice to you, send in your deposits soon because the sooner you do the sooner you can get your housing, registration, and other fun information. Sadly it is time for me to move on to a new project. Check back soon and perhaps I will have new information about my law school escapades.

Spring Break in Marco Island, FL

After being in Marco Island, Florida for a week, it has been a hard transition back to the snow and cool weather. My spring break this year was amazing. This is the first year I have gone on a trip for it; the past three years I have gone home to work for my parents at our Dairy Queen. I went with a friend from my hometown and her family. We stayed in a house on a canal that was connected to the ocean and it had an in-ground pool and hot tub. The Tiger Tail beach complex was only about two blocks away and the sand at the beach was super fine and soft. Almost every day it was in the mid 80s and sunny so of course I got lots of sun and time to swim. I suggest that every student should go on spring break somewhere because it is a very relaxing event in the middle of a hectic semester. It was tough to fly back to Minnesota to a snow storm but I think I am beginning to transition back. I have about half a semester left here at UMM and I know it is going to fly by. Below are a couple pictures from my spring break…the first one is the group I went with on break at a Minnesota Twins spring training game (by the way they won; hooray!) and the second one is a picture with the four girls on the trip on the beach on Marco Island. In both pictures I am on the far right.

whole group at twins game.jpg
4 girls on the beach.jpg

March 26, 2008

UMM Summer Jazz Workshop

Interested in Jazz ...

Many know that a highlight of the spring jazz calendar is UMM's Jazz Fest. This year, UMM is also offering a Summer Jazz Experience for high school students.

This June we hope you will have the chance to come to campus for a 3-day residential jazz immersion. In addition to instruction from UMM's Jazz Director "Doc" Carlson, students will also receive instruction from international jazz legends Chris Vadala and Allen Vizzutti.


This event should be an excellent opportunity for high school students to further refine their jazz skills. The clinic is open to high school musicians in grades 9-12 (coming year) with a range of music and jazz backgrounds: from beginners to experienced, there will be sessions designed for your needs and interests. Click here to further explore this opportunity.

March 25, 2008

weird life moments.


These last few weeks have been CRAZY! With midterms, then spring break, there has been little time just to breath, and sit down!

During my spring break I stayed in Morris for part of it and gave tours to some prospective students. Giving the tours was a definate deja-vu moment for me. My first tour of Morris was on a crappy spring day when I was a junior, and Morris students were on their spring break. No body was on campus. The campus was wet, gray, and ucky. This is EXACTLY what the campus looked like as I was giving tours last week. It was kind of weird to have a moment like that a "circular" moment if you will. While this was interesting, I think a more interesting moment happened later in the week.

The second half of the week I toured law schools in the Twin Cities. As a tour guide, and someone who works in admissions, I kind of know the questions to ask, what to know, how to best form an impression of a school. But it was weird to think of how just earlier that week I had been giving to high school juniors looking at schools the first time, and now here I was in their role, as a junior just looking at schools for the first time, again.

I wish spring break would have been longer, but it's great to be back, and I am sooo ready for spring to be here!
Yeah for weird life moments!

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
oh, yesterday came suddenly

March 23, 2008

Back in the States, Back to Morris

Hello all! I am back in the U.S.A. and attempting to be ready to start up classes again tomorrow. I have so much to catch up on after missing the week before spring break but it was so worth it. Being on tour with the UMM Concert Choir was definately one of the highlights of my year so far. The second week in Canada was so incredible. I never realized how much culture Canada has! It was like being in Europe, especially in Quebec City and Montreal. In Quebec City we went to a night club along with an astounding 1000+ estimated other people. It was so fun and so packed! We also got a tour of Old Quebec City and some delicious authentic french food. Another cool thing about Quebec City was that everyone spoke French! Much to the dissapointment of my French professors I'm sure, I didn't utilize my knowledge of the French language as much as I'm sure I could have. I tried a little bit but people didn't really understand what I was saying. :) I'll have to go back when I am a little better. Well, second semester classes start up tomorrow and we have our homecoming concert to perform tomorrow night. Overall, I give my East coast experience an A and I can't wait until I get to tackle the next traveling opportunity that Morris sends my way!

March 17, 2008

UMM East Coast Choir Tour

Greetings to all from the east coast! I am currently on tour with the UMM concert choir. So far we have sung six concerts, visited five states and one province (I am currently eating breakfast in St. John, New Brunswick) and endured more hours on a bus than I want to count! We have been touring since March 7th, (a little over a week) and will return to the Midwest on Friday. I don't even know where to start with all of the things we have done! I suppose I could start at the beginning and give a condensed version!

We started in Delaware last weekend and made our way down to Washington D.C. by Monday where we toured the capitol and sang for our legislators. A few concerts later we were in New York City, where we had free time to see shows, visit museums and take in as much of the NYC experience as possible in two days. A bunch of us went and saw the musical Spring Awakening, which was fabulous!
Our last night in the city a small group of us heard about a must-Jazz club in the west village. Some trouble with the subway system put us in the area around 1:30am, where we found the scene at the Fat Cat was just picking up. The place was incredible. It was this huge underground room filled with pool, shuffleboard, ping-pong and fooz ball tables. Near the back of the low-lit room was the jazz ensemble. I was in heaven! :)

After stops in Boston, MA and Portland, ME and concerts in both states we have made our to Canada. I have never been to Canada and I guess I was expecting it to be just like the states but I have been presently surprised by the amount of unique culture here. Back on the road in a couple of hours for a concert tonight! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

P.S. Pictures to follow as soon as I get them on my computer!

March 13, 2008


Hey Everyone! My name is Shilo Parisian and I'm one of the new bloggers this semester. I'm very excited and nervous to be a blogger.

First off I will introduce myself; I'm Shilo and I'm a junior here at UMM. My major is Elementary Education (which I was just accepted into the program so it's official!) and Statistics. I'm involved in a couple things on campus; The Women's Swimming and Diving Team, Blood Drive Coordinator, Information Desk Employee, and Campus Ambassadors. I really enjoy all the things that I'm involved in. Swimming has been a passion of mine for many years so I'm glad I'm able to swim for UMM. We recently traveled to Elsah, IL for our championship meet at Principia College and we did very well. The team was able to visit St. Louis, Missouri and see the Arch. The only bad part about the trip is there was no cell phone service in Elsah - what did we do when no one had a cell phone?

This week was mid-terms and there was definitely stress in the air. I think for the first time in my college career I didn't have a mid-term this week - Whoo hoo! But after break I look forward to taking a couple tests :) Classes are going well and I'm enjoying the variety I have this semester - Biological Rhythms, American Government - great class especially with the election coming up, Data Analysis, First Aid, Sign Language, and R.A.D.

Well, I'm drawing a blank on things to say so until next time...

March 7, 2008


Wow...time sure does fly. I cannot believe it has been a month and a half since I last blogged!! Where does the time go?

In her blog, Claire wrote about how fast time passes. She is so right to cherish her time here at UMM, because being an undergraduate student is such a unique period in one's life. Never again will you have the chance to stretch your mind with a group of students who are all approximately your same age, living, laughing and studying together. It is a challenging time of life, but also very rewarding.

As I look at the faces of my students this week, however, I am not sure that they are feeling very rewarded at this point in time. It is mid-term at UMM, and everyone is taking exams and writing papers like crazy. The students look a bit tired and haggard, and everyone is eager for spring break in a week.

But I also know that once the crunch time has passed, most students will be very happy with the fact that they are being pushed and stretched. They know that they are learning and that the skills they are acquiring through these moments of stress will help them live their lives one day.

Ahhh, life is funny. We complain when things are hard, but we are also proud of ourselves for accomplishing difficult goals!

Keep on pushing, everyone!


Last week of Student Teaching

This term has gone by soooo quickly that I can hardly believe it is March and almost Semana Santa (holy week) which marks the end of my experience here at King's College Madrid. I came to this school not really knowing what to expect and was immediately welcomed into the Humanities department by my wonderful cooperating teachers, and the others that work in Geography and Economics. They gave me the freedom I needed to experiment in the classroom (some trials were errors I have to admit!) and the support I needed to gain such a vast amount of knowledge about myself, teaching, and being an educator. I didn't always say the right things--"I would kick you all out if I could!"--but I feel I have gained the respect and trust of the students I have worked with during this short time, and in general I believe they have learned from me as a teacher, and that is the most important thing to me! This next week I look forward to closing out my experience and coming back to what I hope will be a snowy Morris to start a new chapter.

I wish King's looked like this!! But it has been too warm for snow. It is throwing my biological clock off too because I had thoughts of the state fair last weekend when it was 70*...Not right when it is only March!

Until next time,
Kate Oliver

March 6, 2008

KUMM to Morris!

View image

So! I just spent the last three hours of this beautiful Morris Thursday morning (from 3-6am), in the KUMM studio! KUMM is UMM's student run alternative radio station. I was signed up as a guest though I did little in aiding the weekly host in his morning broadcast. KUMM provides the students of UMM with super fantastic Mega SMAsh HITS! (As you can see from a random album cover that we came across while selecting the program's music) I wish I could share more about this program, but being that it was at 3 in the morning, I am a wee bit tired. The host of the program, Donovan Hanson, is bursting with energy. Typical UMM student I suppose...

March 2, 2008

Introductions, healthy lifestyles and CAKE!?

Hello, hello, hello!

My name is DeAnna (but I'm more commonly known as De), and I'm another one of the new bloggers! So, I guess you probably want to know about me a little, and if not thats just too bad because I'm going to tell you anyways. I'm a freshman here at Morris, an English major, and a proud resident of Gay Hall. I'm way into activities- I love being involved. Right now I'm a Campus Ambassador (we give awesome tours and such), a part of community council and a future RA! Thats right, if you come to Morris you could have me as your Residential Advisor- Go for Pine Hall! Anydangway, I make up words alot so I'm sorry if you don't have any idea what I'm saying. Man, I am off topic.

I want to tell you a little bit about my special themed floor. It's called the Healthy Lifestyles floor, and we all dedicate ourselves to living substanance free and healthy! We have our own work out room on our floor, lots of cool healthy eating/living programs, and all that fun stuff! But my favorite part of being on the healty lifestyles is wearing my specialized healthy lifestyles hoodie. Yeah, we ordered hoodies as a floor. I'm definately a cold-blooded reptile, winters are brutal for me, but this hoodie is quite literally the warmest thing I have ever put on my body. Since I was homeschooled from 7th-12th grade and didn't get into sports I never got any sweet personalized school tee's or whatnot, so getting my last name embroidered onto the hood of my HL hoodie was super extra special. And wouldn't you know it, I made a little photo collage of them! But, I've sat here for about 45 minutes trying to get the dang picture to upload, and it won't. I think this blog hates me already :( In any case, here's a sweet link to the sweet picture of the sweet hoodie: CLICK ME!!!

Pretty cool huh? If you were wondering, that is me and one of my roommates Laura (I have two roomies). In any case, this Friday was leap years, and my good pal Melissa decided to throw a party! We all dressed up goofy and she made a six layer cake and we played silly games and won random prizes that we bought for way super cheap at Salvation Army (P.S. look for links in that last sentence!).

I think I have taken up enough of your time. Hopefully by my next entry I can get the hang of this picture uploading thing - or my computer can stop being mean to me... Have a great day, and feel free to ask me any questions or anything in a comment!