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Hey Everyone! My name is Shilo Parisian and I'm one of the new bloggers this semester. I'm very excited and nervous to be a blogger.

First off I will introduce myself; I'm Shilo and I'm a junior here at UMM. My major is Elementary Education (which I was just accepted into the program so it's official!) and Statistics. I'm involved in a couple things on campus; The Women's Swimming and Diving Team, Blood Drive Coordinator, Information Desk Employee, and Campus Ambassadors. I really enjoy all the things that I'm involved in. Swimming has been a passion of mine for many years so I'm glad I'm able to swim for UMM. We recently traveled to Elsah, IL for our championship meet at Principia College and we did very well. The team was able to visit St. Louis, Missouri and see the Arch. The only bad part about the trip is there was no cell phone service in Elsah - what did we do when no one had a cell phone?

This week was mid-terms and there was definitely stress in the air. I think for the first time in my college career I didn't have a mid-term this week - Whoo hoo! But after break I look forward to taking a couple tests :) Classes are going well and I'm enjoying the variety I have this semester - Biological Rhythms, American Government - great class especially with the election coming up, Data Analysis, First Aid, Sign Language, and R.A.D.

Well, I'm drawing a blank on things to say so until next time...