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Last week of Student Teaching

This term has gone by soooo quickly that I can hardly believe it is March and almost Semana Santa (holy week) which marks the end of my experience here at King's College Madrid. I came to this school not really knowing what to expect and was immediately welcomed into the Humanities department by my wonderful cooperating teachers, and the others that work in Geography and Economics. They gave me the freedom I needed to experiment in the classroom (some trials were errors I have to admit!) and the support I needed to gain such a vast amount of knowledge about myself, teaching, and being an educator. I didn't always say the right things--"I would kick you all out if I could!"--but I feel I have gained the respect and trust of the students I have worked with during this short time, and in general I believe they have learned from me as a teacher, and that is the most important thing to me! This next week I look forward to closing out my experience and coming back to what I hope will be a snowy Morris to start a new chapter.

I wish King's looked like this!! But it has been too warm for snow. It is throwing my biological clock off too because I had thoughts of the state fair last weekend when it was 70*...Not right when it is only March!

Until next time,
Kate Oliver