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Wow...time sure does fly. I cannot believe it has been a month and a half since I last blogged!! Where does the time go?

In her blog, Claire wrote about how fast time passes. She is so right to cherish her time here at UMM, because being an undergraduate student is such a unique period in one's life. Never again will you have the chance to stretch your mind with a group of students who are all approximately your same age, living, laughing and studying together. It is a challenging time of life, but also very rewarding.

As I look at the faces of my students this week, however, I am not sure that they are feeling very rewarded at this point in time. It is mid-term at UMM, and everyone is taking exams and writing papers like crazy. The students look a bit tired and haggard, and everyone is eager for spring break in a week.

But I also know that once the crunch time has passed, most students will be very happy with the fact that they are being pushed and stretched. They know that they are learning and that the skills they are acquiring through these moments of stress will help them live their lives one day.

Ahhh, life is funny. We complain when things are hard, but we are also proud of ourselves for accomplishing difficult goals!

Keep on pushing, everyone!