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Spring Break in Marco Island, FL

After being in Marco Island, Florida for a week, it has been a hard transition back to the snow and cool weather. My spring break this year was amazing. This is the first year I have gone on a trip for it; the past three years I have gone home to work for my parents at our Dairy Queen. I went with a friend from my hometown and her family. We stayed in a house on a canal that was connected to the ocean and it had an in-ground pool and hot tub. The Tiger Tail beach complex was only about two blocks away and the sand at the beach was super fine and soft. Almost every day it was in the mid 80s and sunny so of course I got lots of sun and time to swim. I suggest that every student should go on spring break somewhere because it is a very relaxing event in the middle of a hectic semester. It was tough to fly back to Minnesota to a snow storm but I think I am beginning to transition back. I have about half a semester left here at UMM and I know it is going to fly by. Below are a couple pictures from my spring breakā€¦the first one is the group I went with on break at a Minnesota Twins spring training game (by the way they won; hooray!) and the second one is a picture with the four girls on the trip on the beach on Marco Island. In both pictures I am on the far right.

whole group at twins game.jpg
4 girls on the beach.jpg