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weird life moments.


These last few weeks have been CRAZY! With midterms, then spring break, there has been little time just to breath, and sit down!

During my spring break I stayed in Morris for part of it and gave tours to some prospective students. Giving the tours was a definate deja-vu moment for me. My first tour of Morris was on a crappy spring day when I was a junior, and Morris students were on their spring break. No body was on campus. The campus was wet, gray, and ucky. This is EXACTLY what the campus looked like as I was giving tours last week. It was kind of weird to have a moment like that a "circular" moment if you will. While this was interesting, I think a more interesting moment happened later in the week.

The second half of the week I toured law schools in the Twin Cities. As a tour guide, and someone who works in admissions, I kind of know the questions to ask, what to know, how to best form an impression of a school. But it was weird to think of how just earlier that week I had been giving to high school juniors looking at schools the first time, and now here I was in their role, as a junior just looking at schools for the first time, again.

I wish spring break would have been longer, but it's great to be back, and I am sooo ready for spring to be here!
Yeah for weird life moments!

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
oh, yesterday came suddenly



i think weird life moments are the best.