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Job Fair and Jogging

I don't have class until April 28th, so I could be really lazy, sleep till 2pm, and watch tremendous amounts of TV...but that is not my style and I've been staying productive. Yesterday was the education job fair at the convention center in downtown Minneapolis. I went to the fair with two main purposes: Get interview practice and meet and greet with some of the schools I’ve applied to. I ended up accomplishing both, and had a real interview with a school I’m really interested in! It went well and I’ll know by Friday if I move on to the next step of the application process. I’m staying hopeful but realistic as well.

Also, today I started my first day of training for the Irongirl duathlon. It's being held in Bloomington this September. What is a duathlon you say? Not to be confused with a biathlon, a duathlon consists of running and biking, so skipping out on the swimming section of a triathlon. I’m training early because I have a looonngg way to go considering last time I jogged outside for fun was never, and for sports it has been since 2004! So far, so good.

Until next time!