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Springtime in Morris

Yesterday was the more meteorology-confused day I have ever experienced. I got up to go to Statistics around 9 and there was a flurry of wet and windy snow outside. It would have been mildly pretty had it not been April 2nd! By about mid-day I was convinced that spring would never come and I might as well learn to live with an endless summer as I made my way across campus to French. Of course by the time I was leaving the Humanities building the sun was shining the snow was melting and spring had arrived. No complaints here however! Springtime in Morris is becoming my favorite season thus far. As if UMM didn't have events galore before, now the campus schedule is more packed than ever. We have the Jazz Fest today, tomorrow and Saturday which I believe is noted on an earlier blog. I personally am speaking at "Refueler" this evening. Refueler is a weekly student worship service/mass done by the Newman Center (the Catholic student organization). I am a little nervous about speaking, but I am also really excited. The English course I am taking currently with Michael Lackey has been very inspirational and challenging for my faith. Going to a public university I was concerned with the challenges to my faith coming in. It has been a very individual journey for me, but very rich at the same time. The environment at UMM has given me a chance to really question my faith but at the same time feel like I am surrounded by others who have great faith and can relate to what I am going through. Tonight I am speaking on finding a balance between "the tortured faith" (always questioning, always skeptical) and "the passive faith" (basically the opposite). We'll see how it goes! Check out all of the religious organizations and opportunities on campus on the student organization page!