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Undergraduate Research: Just another reason to come to UMM!

SO! Besides the fact that UMM students have gotten to experience the snow melting part of spring several too many times, life at Morris continues to be grand. This week is pride with ending with the infamous drag show on Friday. Next weekend we have UMM's own Dance Ensemble (starring moi!) and the following weekend our spring children's musical is having it's public performances! But, I'm going to take a minute and talk a little bit about undergraduate research here at UMM. Back in December I was offered to partake in a MAP or Morris Academic Partnership, with Pareena Lawrence, my advisor and the head of the social sciences division here at UMM. What a MAP does is it gives a chance for students to do research and work or projects with faculty. I will be spending the next year working on a project with Pareena that she started a while back on the economic effects of political equality for women in India. MAPs are just one of the many research opportunities here at UMM for students to take part in. Students can also do what is called a UROP which is an independent student research project done under a professor. But what does this mean to anyone that isn't a student at UMM? It means insane connections, amazing experiences, spectacular resumes, perfectly unique memories and opportunities that are once in a lifetime! Blog out.