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Warm and Windy

It finally feels like spring at UMM today. Some students were on the mall, although there probably would have been more without the 30 MPH wind gusts. It is sunny and warm...no coat necessary! This week is really busy at UMM because there are alot of social events as well as academic events going on. In only two of my classes I have two exams, and a major paper due not counting any of the regular homework I have due on a day to day basis. Sometimes I wonder how I get it all done...and somtimes you just don't.

On the social side the dance ensemble has its show which is always a great thing to see. Students work all semester on choreographed dances designed by other students or faculty or staff and then perform them in Edson Auditorium over two nights. Early in the week though there are elections for the Morris Campus Student Association and sadly that will mean my term as Vice President of MCSA will be over. With the elections come the debates between executive candidates, that is all candidates running for the presidency or vice presidecy positions. There was a debate that was aired on KUMM 89.7 last night from TMC. Students could come in and submitt questions to the candidates. I think the debate was alot of fun and I was happy to see engaged students there. The Briggs Library Associates, who are, "UMM friends who love books, who enjoy cultural pursuits and who believe in supporting an important campus and regional intellectual resource" have their annual meeting and elections tonight (BLA Website). The theme of this years event is UMM students and their study abroad experiences. I think it will be alot of fun because it brings together students, faculty, staff, administration, and Alums who all love the Briggs Library. The list could go on and on and the events I talked about are only a sampling of the variety that is available on campus. Next time you visit UMM check out the activities board in the Student Center for the latest happenings on campus.