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15 Applications


The end of the year is near. We have one week of class left, and then the week of finals, and it's harder than ever to attempt to study when the weather is so nice. With the end of the year always comes the question, "So, what are you doing this summer?" And my answer is always: "Working, somewhere..."

This summer, much more so than summers' previous, has been very hard to find a job. Any job. I had sent out 6 applications to various places before, and this weekend I sent out another 9 making it a grad total of 15. Now if only someplace will call me back with an offer, or at least an interview.

I think the most frustrating thing in the process is not knowing. Companies never call you to tell you you didn't get the job, only when you did, so you always have all these loose strings out there floating into the abyss. Of the thirty restaurants/coffee shops/bars/stores I went to this weekend, 15 said not hiring this summer, or try back in a few weeks, 7 said they WERE hiring, and 8 said they probably weren't but here's an application anyway. Talk about a tough market.

It's funny, because you know according to our fearless leader, we're not in a recession, and yet jobs are really hard to come by, even for my friend the nursing student. I know right, nursing people are supposed to get any job they want, because we have such a shortage of them, and yet, no dice.

Well, hopefully I'll find a job yet, and if not, if you know of something open...just let me know...

This happened once before,
When I came to your door, no reply.
They said it wasn't you,
But I saw you peep through your window,
I saw the light, I saw the light,
I know that you saw me,
'Cos I looked up to see your face.
I tried to telephone,
They said that you were not home, that's a lie,
'Cos I know where you've been,
I saw you walk in your door
~No Reply