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Freshman Year at UMM

How can I sum up the first year experience at UMM? I started this year off pretty reluctant to come to UMM and completely naive about what UMM had to offer me. And now, eight months later, I look in awe at the year I have had. This has probably been the most incredible year of my life. I have met people I feel I will be close with for many years to come, I have been offered opportunities that will shape the rest of my life, I have discovered the true joy of learning, and I have had so much fun. I can't believe how many things I thought I knew about myself and I've learned. I don't know how much of this experience I owe directly to UMM but I would say quite a bit. If you fit UMM and UMM fits you, your opportunities for enriching experiences are infinite. Highlights this year have been: Voices of Darfur: Darfur refugees speaking at UMM, Jazz Dances, Haunted Hall, Concert Choir (East Coast Tour!), Gay Hall Community Council (and all of our wonderful hall programs specifically Thanksgiving Dinner, Movie Nights, Gingerbread House making, Tug O' War, Homecoming Float, and MACURH!), Admissions Work, The Newman Center, French Club Events, Paula O'Loughlin and Pareena Lawrence and all of their wisdom. Ok I'll stop because I feel like an Oscar's acceptance speech with the music beginning to cut me off. But to sum it up I would say my advice to potential students is: if you want to get an extremely high quality education, and you want your name at the top of the list in the grad school world or career world because of who YOU are and what YOU'VE done and not because of the stamp on your degree, then UMM awaits you! Feel free to contact me regarding anything I've talked about in my blogs! Blog out.