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Almost October...Already?

I can't believe it's almost October already!!! Time flies when your studying and having fun. Well this week seemed to be the busiest so far this year. But some of the stress has been relieved since I only have one test left and I'm playing Intermural Softball TONIGHT!!! Go Beasts!!!

One really exciting thing has happened in the last week I've started my Practicum for the elementary education program. A practicum is kind of like student teaching but you are not teaching all day. You do three mini lessons for each class and then you are observing and helping in the classroom. I was placed here in Morris at St. Mary's in a first grade classroom and I can already tell I'm going to have a lot of fun being in 1st grade again :)

Homecoming is next week and I'm super pumped because I applied to be a Homecoming Ambassador; so cross your fingers. The theme for homecoming this year is Survivor, which is totally cool because I like the show a lot and you have to be a true survivor to be here at Morris and go through the brutal tug of war! Go Indy! For those of you that don't know we have an annual tug of war between the to large freshman dorms; David C. Johnson - Independence Hall and Clayton A. Gay Hall. Anybody is welcome to participate in the tug of war so all alumni of a certain dorm can come join in. The hall that wins gets naming rights over the lake (small pond that is grass in the summer) in between the two halls. Last year the rope broke during the tug of war and the lake was nameless last year. But Indy will hopefully reclaim victory this year! Also the second annual powder puff game is next week also, Go Upper Classwomen!!!

Enough of my bias shouting...good luck with your things going on in your life and I will leave you with this...
Did you know that your nose is as long as your thumb...go ahead try it. Can't figure it out, let me know.