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My Second try at a First Entry!

Hi future UM - Morris Students!
This is my second try at a first entry, since my first was probably too bizarre. I'm going to tone it down a little bit, and be a little more straight forward. My name is John Jones, and I am a second-year at sophomore and I live off campus. I am originally from Bloomington, directly south of the Cities, near the Mall of America. I went to Kennedy if anyone knows that school. Last year I lived in Gay Hall, on the Healthy Lifestyles floor. I run for the Mens Cross Country team, which is only two seasons old now. I participate in Student DFL, KUMM, Big Friend Little Friend, Performing Arts Council, SAAC, and I work for the Center for Small Towns. Recently, I also started to work at Pizza Ranch. That's right, I'm a Ranchero. Anyways, this introduction probably sounds really lame, but it's not my job to entertain you. Probably.

This weekend is our Fall Break, and most people are going home to get some good eats and a little bit of dinero. I don't really have any desire to leave Morris, especially to go home. My parents don't really feed me anything while I'm home, and would probably make me do all sorts of Fall chores. I did sort of think about taking a road trip to Canada, Seattle, Montana, the Badlands, or Chicago, but not of those places really worked out, depressingly enough. Then I bought tickets for the Ben Folds concert at the Myth in the cities, but that didn't work out because of cross country. I have a meet on saturday at Crown College. I'll write more later, but now I'm headed to the TMC to get me some noodles. Ciao



While this entry truly is outstanding, the first one was right up my alley!