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The Week Before Finals Week.

Gutentag Everyone!
Feeling as if I've been prompted by the Big V. (Mike Vandenberg, and no, we don't have such a developed relationship that I can get away with calling him the Big V.), I think I should write a new post.

Recently, I've been very busy with papers and jobs. So busy in fact, that every once in awhile I find time to go to class. I'm kidding, I find plenty of time, at the expense of having time for papers. This week I spent a considerable amount of my sleep time in the Briggs Library, researching early agriculture and organizational behavior concepts. the amount of resources available to a student at a university (especially a university as large as the U of M) compared to a high school. Universities just have more article databases, electronic and physical, books, and journals. It's easier to use the Library of Congress filing system, as opposed to the more common dewey decimal system that you would see in a regular city library. And of course, there are lots of good movies in the library, and they are totally free.

Some other things I've been up to would include the end of Cross Country running, and the beginning of indoor track. Tonight I am bowling with my CC team as an end of the season closer, with pizza being served and such. That will, of course, be lots of fun. Indoor track, however, is not very much fun at all. Sure, it's pretty much all the same guys, which is awesome, but running outside (since we are distance runners) in the freezing cold is not very enjoyable. We run about 8 miles in 5 degree weather, on the windswept prairie.

I have to go now, but I'll try to remember to update this next week and tell you how the finals are. And I plan on giving some nice collegiate advice sometime, too. Ciao