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Stress exists in college? What? No!

Wow. I'm almost done. I can almost taste graduation in the air. In three short months I will be a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota Morris. The only thing that stands in my way are two senior seminars, club responsibilities, work, doing my taxes, figuring out FAFSA for grad school, wedding plans, day-to-day work, and planning the rest of my life. Easy enough, yes?

It always amazes me as a college student just how easy people think we have it. We can sleep in until all hours of the day, go to class in ratty sweatshirts and sweatpants, live off of pizza and pop (without gaining weight, of course), and we have all that free time to just hang out. When friends, family, complete strangers tell me this, I just want to ask them, "Really? Is that what you think college is?" And for some people it is. But for me, if you are not challenged in college than what's the point? Why spend all this money and not learn something? Sure there are nights where you have to stay up until 2, 4, 6 am working on a paper or studying for a test. There will be times you'll consider if you really need to eat fruits and vegetables (they're actually kind of expensive!), and there will be times that you question if it's even worth spending all this time, energy and money for all the stress that comes with it, and my answer is yes!

I'm so glad I'm nearly done with my undergraduate work, but I am really going to miss Morris. The challenge I have had here both in classes and out of class has been worth every minute. I feel as though I have truly grown as a person, for the better. So just remember, whether you are in high school, or college, the stress that comes with this education IS worth it. You WILL be a better person because of it, even if it doesn't seem so at the time. So, should you ever get asked why college is so rough, proudly respond, "Well, I go to Morris, where professors constantly challenge their students and real knowledge is discovered. And that takes a lot more work and time than the version of college portrayed in today's media." Plus, then you'll sound super smart.

Now you're mine,
My happiness still makes me cry.
And in time you'll understand the reasons why
If I cry it's not because I'm sad
But you're the only love that I've ever had.

I can't believe it's happened to me.
I can't conceive of any more misery.
Ask me why
I'll say I love you and I'm always thinking of you.
~Ask me Why