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Back to School, Back to School...

I'm back in Morris! I just got back yesterday officially! You may ask why so late? Student teaching of course! For the first three weeks of class I was in the cities at Woodland Elementary in Brooklyn Park, MN. This was my beginning student teaching experience and I had a great time. I was in an awesome 6th grade class and it was great to meet so many wonderful students. I was able to teach a couple lessons in science and reading. I had a great time but I'm also happy to back on campus. I feel like I've missed a lot but on my first day back I got some home work so maybe I really haven't missed too much. Since this week is my first week of classes I kind of have those jitters that you would usually have the first week.

This weekend is the scholarship jubilee event and I'm speaking! Eeeeek! I have the pleasure of speaking in front of 200 guests including the Chancellor, Jacquie Johnson! OMG! Wish me luck. I'm looking forward to it but this is the largest crowd I have ever spoken in front of. The scholarship jubilee is an event to celebrate, honor, and thank Morris campus donors for their scholarship gifts and recognize the accomplishments of talented scholarship recipients.

I was a part of orientation again this fall and had a great time meeting some of the new freshmen and my transfer students rocked! Shout out to group 5! Extravaganza was a lot of fun and since it was my last year it was great to see the new OGL's really get into the skits and I know things will go well next year. Extravaganza is an orientation event on one of the evenings and it is where the OGL's and CA's put on skits that relate to Morris life. It is quite hilarious and everyone has a great time. I've also joined Dance Ensemble this year so I'm looking forward to learning some new dance moves. It might even be as cool as Dancing With The Stars. Not much else to say since I just got back and have only had one class, no meetings, and no stress. Hmmm that's a very weird last sentence to be able to type.

Catch you on the flip side