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Day in the Life...

Yeah, I realize the title of this entry is very original but hey this is my first entry. I'm a sophomore here at the University of Minnesota Morris and I've decided that this post will be a glance at the life of a somewhat active college student. Every day I start out going to breakfast at the Turtle Mountain Cafe and enjoying a nice breakfast with an occasional donut. After that I'm off to Differential Equations for an hour. So far that class has been challenging but my professor is more than happy to help me out. After that I head to Calc. 3 for another hour and five minutes. That class is also challenging me in ways I never thought possible. Right now I'm learning about triple integrals. After that I get a nice sized break to kind of recuperate and get ready for the rest of the day. My next class of the day is psychology. Just last week we took an exam in that class and I thought it was pretty easy. After psychology I have data structures. Data structures is a computer science class in which we talk about different sorts of, you guessed it, data structures. Data structures is my last class of the day. I tend to use some of the rest of my day doing homework. Currently I'm using a good portion of my time catching up in my classes. The reason for that is I got sick about 2 weeks ago and am still catching up. Getting sick is no fun at all when it comes to missing classes. With my free time I go to the Regional Fitness Center or RFC and lift and do some form of activity. The RFC is a really nice facility and the staff is very friendly. If I'm not at the RFC I'm either at my apartment or in the gym playing intramural basketball. I've got a pretty good story for intramural basketball. Okay so last night the team I am on had two games, one at 8:30 pm then one right after that at 9:30 pm. Our first game didn't go all that well considering we lost. But the second game was a really good game. For the entire time our team was either leading by a small amount or the other team had a small lead. When the game was about 15 seconds away from being over we were down by 4 points and it was our ball. So we called a time out and devised a brilliant plan to get a 4 point shot from one of the girls on our team. Just so you know when it comes to girls points they get 3 for a shot inside the 3-point line and 4 for anything outside of it. Anyway, so we took the ball out on the side line and ran our play. We set two screens for the girl and she took the 3 (4 pointer) and she made it. We ended up tied. Both teams agreed to a tie since it was about 10:30 pm and both teams were very tired and thought that it was a great game either way. When it comes to the some of the other time I have I am sometimes working here in admissions as a telecounselor. Other than that I do what quite a few college students do. I sit around watching TV and procrastinate about studying. I do get my studies in though. I think I will call it a day on this whole blog thing. I hope you enjoyed reading about a day in the life. I'll get back to you about other happenings that are worthy of your attention.