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It's almost turkey time!

It's hard to think that 4 months ago I was moving into my dorm, saying goodbye to my family, and making my new home in Morris. I remember how strange living in a dorm was going to be. Especially, how strange it was going to be waking up, stumbling out of bed, and sleepily making my way to the bathroom, only to see a couple of girls staring back at me in the mirror. Of course this past couple of months my floor has become my Morris family. They've taken the place of my parents by supplying their good advice and also being company during my favorite Office episodes on various Thursday nights. Surely being at Morris, especially being a freshman, I've had to expand my friend circle. It is difficult to step outside your comfort zone in a new place, but college is the perfect place to challenge yourself, if you haven't heard that a million times before.
However, with the holidays right around the corner there is one thing that is on my mind, as well as, the minds of many Morris students....Thanksgiving family time and food.
Though Food Service and Turtle Mountain Cafe has a variety of scrumptious snacks and wholesome meals, right now I could go for homemade pumpkin pie, turkey and stuffing! Yes, it is almost Thanksgiving. I'm feeling ready to make the journey home and spend some quality time with my family alongside quality time with Thanksgiving food! These couple of days before break are of course filled with challenging tests and papers, but that is to be expected. In case you were wondering, being a Political Science and Spanish double major does require lots of time and effort even in your first year here! But both my World Politics and Intermediate Spanish classes have been so much fun. It's truly been a great experience making new friends, starting new classes, and knowing you can come home to share all your stories with family in a matter of days. I don't know about you but I've done the first two things, and am more than excited to complete the last. And who told you college students procrastinate? That's right, I have a plan and I'm intending to finish it with much gusto and gravy! Bring on the turkeys.

Over & Out,