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Ninja's Back...Back Again

Whoopee!!! Ninja is back at the UMM!!! Back to friends, martial arts clubs, campus events (Carol Concert), and...oh...yeah the final crunchtime before finals! YIKES!!!!!!!!! Luckily, my parents took pity on me and sent me back to Morris with a HUGE care package for surviving finals. After all, chocolate does improve the memory. Actually, this part of the semester is not as bad as it sounds, since most of my communication classes will be done by next week-I just need to do a couple of presentations, write one more paper, take a quiz then I'm FREE from communication classes until next semester. Then all I have to do is study for my finals in Stats, Accounting, and TaeKwonDo. Piece of cake...mmm...cake. Plus there is a lot of fun stuff coming up on campus before break such as the jazz dance, holiday parties, and a last chance of being horribly corrupted by the Bad Movie Club break..lol.

But you know what the best part about being back in Morris is? My dorm room's temperature is above 50 degrees. My parent's house is currently having heating problems so I don't think there was a single time when I was home that I wasn't wearing a minimum of three layers of clothing in addition to being draped in several thick blankets! BRR!!!

Kiyah!!!!!!!!! Talk later, ~NINJA shivering snowman.jpg