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Ninja's Stress Relief Tips

Being a college student can pretty be pretty stressful at times, there's homework, exams, more homework. However, there are plenty of ways in Morris to relieve that stress such as...

1) Go to one of the many student activities on campus. Personally, I recommend Martial Arts Club, nothing relieves stress like practicing ninja moves.

2) Team up with some friends and make something yummy. Brownies are great-buy a box mix follow the directions, while still warm top with mini marshmallows bake until marshmallows are slightly golden and puffy. Sprinkle with M&Ms and drizzle with some chocolate syrup. Let the brownies cool slightly before cutting then enjoy! mmm...good!!

3) Find a cozy futon and blanket and read a good book-a novel with NO EDUCATIONAL VALUE whatsoever! Ninja suggestion-Try "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," its a timeless story with the excellent additions of zombies and ninjas.

4) Watch an intramural game. Personally, I'd recommend Ground Quidditch, that's one of the new sports on campus.Quidditch has everything a sport needs to be good-action, teamwork, broomsticks, live Snitches, etc....

5) Go for a nighttime walk. Walk up to the wind turbine around 6ish and watch the stars come out or if your feeling like a bit of an insomniac go in the wee morning hours during a meteor shower. The view is awesome from up there.