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Returning to UMM: A Relief?!

Holy Smokes.

I never would have thought that I would find myself admitting it to be a relief to come back to school- with all of the stress of classes and what not, but I'm finding myself extremely thankful to be back here on campus!
This is because my thanksgiving break was nothing close to relaxing. Exciting, yes. Eventful, yes. Fun, yes. Relaxing, no.

The whole break started off with a bang--literally.
As I was riding in the car to attend a very nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner (comprised of enchiladas and totillas and guacamole dip) in Eau clair WI, a deer ran into our car. It was traumatic, and I think that I am scared for life (...perhaps this is a tad bit too dramatic...). We ended up making it to my cousins house. We were stranded there over night (although, it turned out to be quite the night-- filled with good company and great pies and the Pocahontas movie). The next day, when we attempted to drive back to Rochester, MN (the dealership repair shop had told us that it would be okay to drive back), we were stranded yet again- although this time on the side of the road. So, we were towed back into Eau Clair and given a free rental car. Finally, we were able to make it home.

The rest of the weekend was a blast: ginger bread cookies, movies, sleepless nights, family time, the friends of the library book store, klaus nomi, Christmas tree chopping... the list goes on.

But, I missed out on the "relaxation" part. Although, I do not have any regrets what-so-ever, and I'm enlightened to admit that waking up this morning and getting back into the groove of college life was much welcomed.