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Within the Blink of an Eye:

So much has taken place here at UMM.
Over the past three months (Wait. Hold on....three months...is this possible?!), I have constructively over committed myself (some nights I have less than five minutes to get from meeting to meeting: class until noon, lunch, Campus Resources Planning Committee, work, jazz combo, DFL Exec meeting, study group meeting, homework, relaxing time, shower, and then bed by 2am), expanded my educational learning capability, watched the stars while laying under the UMM wind turbine, met amazing professors and students (insert shout out here to the ACE office- Paula- with candy cigarettes. Exclaimer: UMM in no way endorses smoking; the candy cigarettes are in fact powdered sugar sticks that come from the dollar store). In the midst of everything, I'm finding it incredibly hard to believe that it is nearly Thanksgiving break!

Perhaps, before I go into more detail about all of the events that I have been involved with and that have been happening here on campus, I should explain myself (in facebook style!):
Name: Naomi Halverson Wente
Year: First Year, Nearly Sophomore
Major(s): Environmental Studies- possibly Political Science, Women's Studies, Spanish
View on life: Open the door, step outside and smell the fresh air. Then attempt to do anything and everything that is of interest
Activities: DFL Executive Committee, Minnesota Public Interest research Group (MPIRG), Campus Resources Planning Committee (CRPC), work, "One Toilet at a Time" campaign, Jazz Combo, hanging out/volunteering in the ACE office, star gazing, volunteering at the Co-Op, study groups, hanging out in the Library (third floor couches at Salt Lake City), drinking highlander grog at Common Cup, etc. (to be continued!)
Interests: Changing the World.

Here is a photo taken, courtesy of the Star Tribune.
Sept 28. 2009
"Environmental studies majors Collin Sandoe and
Naomi Wente worked with a biomass gasifier in a lab at the University of
Minnesota-Morris' heating and cooling plant."


*Stay in-tune for much more to come!